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Letters to Rozer, Part 1 - phantomcranefly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Letters to Rozer, Part 1 [Sep. 28th, 2011|05:24 pm]
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So, as part of my effort to trick myself into practicing writing, I'll be chronicling our Changeling LARP in character, in the form of letters (or more likely emails, but it's essentially the same thing.)

Dear Rozer and Verity and Jeremy and Deadeye and Mimi,

The house is all full of people again! We were hanging out in Recent Relics yesterday and the chalkboard turned into a door and four new people came out of it. One's a leopard and one's a unicorn named Luna and one's all shiny and scaley and also before that we met another new person named Skulk. So it's not too quiet at all anymore. And then after we met them the coffeeshop's all closed up now but some people came out there and apparently Victor Bosch owns it now and called to get someone to come pick them up. I might apply to work for him, but also I've got a commission, which is actually two but they're both from Bryce. One is to make a toaster that's also a music box, and one is to make spiky gauntlets like George's but backwards, which I would think would hurt your own hands but Bryce says she just won't close her hands when she's wearing them.  

Another thing that happened is that somebody called the Nim is running for mayor and Birdy says he's bad.  And also Ari's gone really weird, like there's something that just feels wrong about her and Mary says she's acting funny and she's never met Ari's new baby.  Also she says she's going to have another one and they got rid of Baby Sam somehow.  But Frances and the new leopard person got shot (THEY'RE OKAY) which might have had something to do with Sam but I'm not sure, and we took them to Ari's house because none of us knew how to fix it and the hospital has to tell people if you got shot, and Ari's house was so full of magic it made everybody feel weird, and James can heal people and summon beer now but only when he's in their house.  And Mary and Birdy said it was also weird that Ari's okay with people knowing about James now.

Also I made friends with the zamboni!  This was before we talked to Mary, Amanda and Birdy and I went to go find the zamboni at the ice rink, but when we got there it was already gone!  So it turned out that the big archway was a hedge door and we followed it to this river with an island in the middle with the zamboni on it, and there was a wagon on our bank.  We waded out to the island, and George and Matt and Luna the unicorn girl showed up from the other side on hedge-yaks, which was good because Birdy got knocked over by the current and George went and got her with his rocket boots.  (They didn't like carrying two people at all and they got all grumbly and sparky.)   Luna thought the zamboni was haunted and when we got to the island we noticed it moved on its own a little bit.  So I tried talking to it because I'd gotten it to work before, and it talked back to me, and it turned out it missed the ice and wanted to go back.  Also Amanda said there was a little green man on it but none of the rest of us or the zamboni could see it. 

So we needed to figure out how to get the zamboni off the island, because it couldn't wade like we did because it shouldn't get the engine wet.  What we did was that George flew over to our side of the river and I went over on the hedge-yak he'd been riding, and George looked through the wagon for stuff, but all he found was two dresses, so I took it mostly apart and turned it into a boat.  Then we went back to the island to get the zamboni off, but it didn't like the river because it wasn't frozen, but it likes me, so I got it to come onto the boat, which was good because we were starting to hear something coming.  Only the hedge didn't like Birdy and went funny around us and we were on the other side of the river, so George went and got the boat and we had to go across again, and Luna said the thorns were trying to eat her so I said she should come up on the zamboni.  But we got out of the hedge again before whatever it was caught up, and the zamboni was really happy because it could clean ice again!  Only then it went quiet halfway through, and it wasn't broken at all but when I got the key and turned it back on it didn't say anything or move.  Birdy said to try infusing it with glamour, though, and when George and Luna and I did that it woke up again, so that's okay.  Also George thinks we should form a motley.  I've never done that before but the Motley of the Rainbow Llama looks like they have a lot of fun.  

Then after we got back from Ari's house Team RocketCo showed up, and I tried to tell everybody they weren't nice but no one listened except one of the new people whose name I think is Andromeda Somebody.  A lot of people went off with them, but Birdy and I and Andromeda and another new person who I don't know the name of didn't, so we talked for a while.  The other new person doesn't know a lot about science or cities, but she seems nice.

Also another thing that happened is that a radio show might know about us, so Birdy applied to be an intern.  

How is Pennsylvania going?  Is it as safe there as you hoped?  I hope you're having fun and only the nice kind of adventures.