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Letters to Rozer, Part 2 - phantomcranefly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Letters to Rozer, Part 2 [Nov. 5th, 2011|11:19 am]
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[ This letter comes after a sudden silence of a week and a half.]

Dear Rozer and Jeremy and Verity and Deadeye and Mimi,

Mary's gone missing again.  She had her answering machine send everybody a message that she hadn't checked in in a week, and Gliss's phone tried to eat her ear because something's showing up in mirrors and trying to come out of them, which Birdy says might be the Namble and it has really sharp teeth.  But anyway Mary's message machine said to ask you or Ari, but I think it might've been an old message because she said she didn't trust the current monarch or their minions, but she was all worried about Ari being weird now and I don't think she'd've said to talk to Ari because Ari's who she was worried about, and she was going to go talk to her earlier and also you're in Pennsylvania now and we can't go find you right away.  Also, a week before we got the message Birdy was monarch and I don't think Mary dislikes Birdy and I don't think Birdy has minions either.  Except maybe her cult.

Also the dresses George found in the Hedge, and apparently Bryce found one too, turn out to give people typhoid and we didn't realize for ages.  So everybody was getting sick, and we asked Katya for help but when she healed people they got sick again right after, and Andi had healing fruit and that helped, but then we had to go get more healing fruit and we got chased by a tall guy who didn't know why he was chasing us and ran into some hedgepirates.  They had a flying ship with scissors on it and they were cutting up the trees, and Andi said to run but we didn't have time to and then they tried to talk to us, so Bryce traded the gloves and the toaster for hedgefruit, but they wanted the toaster to sing their song so Bryce said to change it, but I didn't have time to fix it for serious so I had to do the magic way, which wears off but things go weird in the hedge sometimes so I don't know if it'll come alive or go back to the same song or what, and I'm kind of worried.  Also they kept offering to buy me.  That was weird and kind of creepy, because I'm almost sure they're changelings too.  Anyway, they hired the tall guy to be their real-world connecty-thing and I offered to do commissions for them, but I'm not going and finding them without Amanda or somebody there.  Bryce said I should think about it but I don't think we need hedgefruit that bad.  I don't know if we ever would. 

Also, Bryce is queen now!  The Nim whose name is apparently Stone said at Coronation that the Hedge said he was monarch, but Birdy thought he was lying and didn't want to give him the crown, but she didn't want to keep it either because apparently Ely did that and things went badly?  So she didn't know what to do but then Skulk said to give Bryce the crown, and she did so now it's the season of Doritos.  

So anyway once we realized the dresses were giving people typhoid, we had to stop wearing them so George lent me his coat.  Also he kissed Gliss, which is confusing because I thought he liked Teagan.  

Also when we tried to tell Victor Bosch about what was going on with Ari and the Namble, it was a job interview instead for some reason and so he said we should go deal with a haunted house, but then things got complicated and some of us didn't help but I think Bryce and Lolcat took care of it, so I don't know if they're the only ones with a job or not.