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Character Names [Jan. 12th, 2012|11:31 pm]
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[music |Good Enough- Evanescence]

So, I've been basically a shut-in all vacation, except for numerous doctor's appointments. So not much interesting to talk about there, except that I've been playing a lot of WoW.

My problem is that I want my characters' names to have meaning, dangit, and I'm deeply suspicious of the random name generator. I got away with making my first character a hippie who took a new name when she became a druid, and my second character is an obscure sci-fi reference out of character and a childhood nickname in character. (I was planning on having her also be a hippie originally, but it doesn't fit with the personality she's developing.)

For my next character, I'm thinking about creating a Forsaken warrior who was a paladin in life, and has a weirdly religious devotion to Sylvanas. cutlacesoflife has already heard the long version, so I won't repeat it.

(And now I've gone and listened to "Good Enough" six times in a row instead of writing. This is why I still haven't gotten around to that last installment of Letters to Rozer.)

Anyway, I'm really tempted to make her name something in Latin that she took up when she rose from the dead and took up her new "calling"... except that Latin doesn't exist in Azeroth. And so far as I know, there isn't really an equivalent. (Mrr. I kind of wish this was a Lord of the Rings game, because Tolkien's elvish I trust to have meanings.) Even going with Latin, the twelve-character, no spaces limit is a bit of an issue.

My original thought was Gladiasylvae, which is the closest I can get to "sword of Sylvanas" considering that it's a female character, but that really ought to be two words, and it looks kind of dumb smushed together like that. Gladia ("feminine" sword, the real word is gladius) and Sagitta (arrow) are both taken, as is Sagita, the only misspelling I don't think looks silly. Sagitasylvae is free but has the same problem.

So: diminutives. Gladiola would be the obvious diminutive of gladia, but it's taken already, and looks too much like a plant in any case. Gladicula is free but looks dumb, like some sort of failed pun on Dracula. Gladiella is also free, but looks ridiculously frilly. Sagittula seems to be my best bet at this point, although Sagittola and Sagittella are also free.

Gah. I swear, after this my next character is going to be gnome!Cassie, just for the lulz, and I will avoid roleplaying quandaries by not doing any. (Watch her turn into a cranky middle-aged lady or a backstabbing trickster or something in spite of me.)


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