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Letters to Rozer, Part 5 - phantomcranefly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Letters to Rozer, Part 5 [Jan. 19th, 2012|03:23 pm]
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...about a month and a half late. I think I've forgotten half of what happened. Oh well.

Dear Rozer and Jeremy and Verity and Deadeye and Mimi,

It turns out Rita wasn’t safe after all. The whole time we thought she was safe she was in the mental hospital instead. We got her out, though. Gliss and I had been getting weird phone calls full of static, and one finally got through and it turned out it was the mental hospital trying to call us because Rita had said we were friends and they didn’t know who her next of kin was. So a bunch of us went there to see her, only we got there just too late for visiting hours, but we got to talk to her doctor instead. Meg said she was next of kin, and also she’s back. Her doctor was worried because they didn’t know anything about Rita’s history, so Meg and Birdy made some stuff up. She wouldn’t listen at all when we said to keep reflective things away from Rita, though, cause she said Rita had been breaking mirrors and hurting herself with them but we knew it was really the Namble hurting Rita and then she broke the mirrors to make it go away, but we couldn’t tell her that so she thought Rita was safe when really they weren’t taking very good care of her at all. Then Birdy got mad at her so we had to leave.

After that was Coronation. Alya’s Winter Queen this year, and she made the pledge all fancy with stuff like a bailiff which is a little like police and trials if you break the pledge to find out if you did it on purpose or not. Then Birdy wanted to find Rita through her dreams, so a bunch of us went along with her to keep an eye on her body while she wasn’t there, but Rita wasn’t asleep yet, so then we went to Frances and Inana’s concert. They joined a band at Luckee Steev’s and it was a lot of fun, only there were bubbles everywhere and they wanted us to come back, but we still needed to save Rita, and Inana said that a big smoky swamp-monster thing had stolen the children.

So then we argued over whether to save Rita or the children first, but Birdy went into Rita’s dreams again and she was almost asleep this time, but she was really scared, so we went through the Hedge to the mental hospital and found her room, but Frances and a bunch more people were already rescuing her through the window, which they’d put a tarp over. They hadn’t put a tarp over the TV, though, and the Namble came out of it with only way too many arms, and more arms showed up when people hit them. It grabbed Rita but then it dropped her, and Gliss and I tried to pull her away from it while people were hitting it with things, but it was okay because Alya went right up to the television and lit her hand on fire and melted it! So then the Namble couldn’t come out of it because it wasn’t reflecting enough anymore, and we all went into the Hedge again and got Rita back home safe.

Also, it turns out why Meg’s been away is she’s been in the Hedge this whole time, because when Bryce and everybody went to Las Vegas they forgot to tell her, and she thought they’d been kidnapped and went looking for them. She didn’t realize she wasn’t in the Hedge anymore at first, but then she poked me and Frances and there were people she hadn’t met and I gave her a hug, and she figured it was actually the real world.