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WoW backstories, part 1: Responsible - phantomcranefly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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WoW backstories, part 1: Responsible [Jun. 14th, 2012|10:55 pm]
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So, not dead. I was super-busy last semester and I spent a while out of the summer just decompressing. My internship's in full swing now, and it's going okay. (I'm not used to working 9-5 while still coming up with things to implement on our own, so I feel kind of lost and useless sometimes, but it's turning out okay.)

I figured I'd do one character per post, rather than putting all my characters into one huge post, both so that I'd have less writing to do at a time and so that I can make a new post when I make a new character, rather than adding to the old one.


So: Responsible. Night elf druid, my first character, created and leveled to 15 for the January raiding party that never materialized. I'll probably go back to her once I can get WoW to work in the dorms. She didn't start out with a backstory, since I didn't know any of the lore at the time, but I've figured most of one out since then.

I figure Responsible is about 300-400 years old (maybe older, depending on age of adulthood among nelves), old enough to be fully emotionally mature but still considered fairly young by night elf standards. She was kind of aimless for most of her life- gardening a little, taking walks in the woods, mostly just figuring she'd get around to things later. She may have tried to become a priestess once, but her faith was "only passable but not strong". There may also have been a boy she was sort of considering eventually seeing, in a kind of vague way. No rush, after all- they didn't have to get around to kids for centuries, if ever.

And then Nordrassil was destroyed, and the night elves lost their immortality. This was a massive wakeup call to Responsible: she realized that she no longer had forever. Anything she wanted to accomplish, she had some unknown limited amount of time to do it in. Luckily, not long after that, the druidic order(s?) started accepting women, and she realized this was what she'd wanted to do all along. So she took on a new name and joined up. (This is the only part that stayed from my original conception, which was just "a hippie". Because I want my character names to both mean something and fit the setting, which is really hard in WoW.)

She's very much the strong-and-silent type, kind of stoic. She's got deep reserves of calm and patience, so it takes a lot to get her angry. However, when something gets to her, she gets glacier-angry: even quieter than usual, slow and deliberate, and utterly implacable.

As an example: normally Responsible tries to avoid killing things unnecessarily. Early on, there's this one satyr who 'tricks' players into killing some animals to get him spell components. (I say 'tricks' in quotes because it's blatantly obvious he's evil and you were outright warned not to leave the path because there's dangerous creatures around. He's about 10-15 feet from the path, just far enough that you have to leave the path to talk to him. Responsible can be a little slow on the uptake.) There are a few quests right afterwards to make up for that, and then at the beginning of Darkshore, it turns out that satyr is the one responsible for corrupting the wildlife. So Responsible goes silent, goes and finds the cave they're hiding in, and kills every demon she can find.

Her theme song is something between Quiet and Taking The Wheel. I went with Herbalism and Alchemy for professions, but didn't figure out how to use them. She's aromantic ace- even her maybe-eventually-thing was essentially a 'deep friendship based on mutual respect, and maybe we should see about the continuation of the species at some point, but not for a while yet'.