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WoW backstories, part 2: Troublesomme - phantomcranefly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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WoW backstories, part 2: Troublesomme [Jun. 20th, 2012|10:07 pm]
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"So, explain to me why I should care?"

Troublesomme is a blood elf mage, also created without a backstory. (Her name is a reference to Suzette Haden Elgin's excellent Ozark trilogy, along with Responsible.)  I came up with her backstory after reading 'Plot Points for Blood Elf Roleplayers' and realizing the Scourge invasion was only five years before gametime.

Troublesomme's parents died when she was very young, probably in combat. One or both were Farstriders, and the rest of their squad took in the orphaned girl and made sure she got a decent education. Unfortunately, while they had good intentions, none of them had much time to spare, and so Troublesomme spent most of her childhood running wild with other under-supervised kids in Silvermoon, annoying the shopkeepers. (This is where her nickname comes from- "troublesome girl!" and such. The extra m is from a spelling mistake in her early years at school, and of course she was stubborn enough to insist no, it really is spelled that way, names can be spelled different ways.)  I haven't decided whether she had a celebrity crush on Sylvanas or not.

(Side note, does anyone know what the age of adulthood is for blood elves? I've seen both ~100 and ~20.) Troublesomme didn't fight when the Scourge invaded- not because she was too young, (she was four years from the age of majority, but in a last desperate stand I doubt that mattered), but because she was a bit of a late bloomer magically. At "fourteen", she could just about light a candle... at ten paces... every third try. So instead, she was put in charge of a flock of small children they hadn't managed to evacuate, and told to hide them in a basement and keep them quiet. They weren't discovered during the battle- a piece of the wall had fallen on top of the cellar door, hiding it and pinning it shut- but from everything she could hear, it sounded like they'd lost, so she kept the children in the basement for a few days, until someone found their door looking for survivors. (Troublesomme was ready to blast them with her three matches' worth of fireball until she saw who it was.)  She got through the following years of withdrawal mainly by sheer stubbornness, and as soon as she was able to she started practicing magic with a dangerously singleminded determination. 

Troublesomme has the classic blood elf arrogance in spades.  Sin'dorei are better than all other races, mages are better than all other classes, so therefore, almost by existing, she's better than 98.2% of the people she's likely to meet.  (Yes, I did go to RealmPop and do the math, because I'm a nerd like that.)  It's masking a deeper insecurity, though:  sometimes, especially during her withdrawal period, it was all she had to keep going with.  (I imagine the fall of Quel'Thalas and ensuing magic withdrawal left most blood elves Deeply Messed Up.  In Troublesomme's case, listening to her city die overhead and not being able to do anything, followed by losing some of her flock of children to withdrawal and still not being able to do anything left her with both a tired kind of cynicism and a burning desire to never be that helpless again.  She's also acquired a habit of hoarding food.)  

She's fairly short and scrawny, even for a blood elf, and spends a lot of time trying to make it look like she spent very little time on her hair.  I was going to go with Enchanting and Tailoring (she doesn't like getting her hands dirty), but I never wound up bothering.  Her theme song is I Will Not Bow, (link to follow once I'm on my own computer).  I haven't decided if she's aromantic or just not willing to let anyone get that close right now, but she's definitely bi with a Thing About Ears.  (I had a lot of fun imagining her attempting to flirt with the nelf beer vendor at the Darkmoon Fair despite having no languages in common.)